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Construction Regulatory

The Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA) is the governing body that licenses individuals and companies involved in building and selling new homes in Ontario.

About the HCRA

As a not-for-profit designated by the provincial government, the HCRA administers and enforces the New Home Construction Licensing Act, 2017 and associated regulations. Through its efforts, the HCRA works to ensure a fair, safe, and informed marketplace for new home buyers in Ontario. The HCRA is focused on enforcing high professional standards for competence and conduct to give new home buyers confidence in their purchase.


The HCRA provides educational resources for consumers and is committed to informing the public about the benefits of a regulated homebuilding sector. Through its efforts, the HCRA works to protect public interest and enhance consumer confidence in the home building industry in Ontario. By providing information and resources, the HCRA helps consumers make informed decisions when purchasing a new home.


The Ontario Builder Directory is maintained by the HCRA and is the official source of information about Ontario's 6,500+ licensed builders and vendors. All new home builders or vendors must be licensed by the HCRA in Ontario. Home buyers who are interested in buying a new home that is already built may also search the Builder Directory to confirm the home’s warranty.

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