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Northern Ontario

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Welcome to the Home Builders' Association!

As a member, you have access to a wealth of resources, industry information, and support on municipal, regional, provincial and federal levels. We are committed to providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in your field.

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Sudbury and District Home Builders' Association

Municipal and Regional

As the regional representatives for Northern Ontario, our association takes pride in our unique position. We are dedicated to advocating for the needs of our region and ensuring that Northern Ontario's voice is heard. Whether it's through policy development or community engagement, we are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those who call Northern Ontario home.

Our association is dedicated to connecting the public with trustworthy professionals in the industry. Through our platforms, the public can easily access your information for their home-building, and renovating needs.  When you join our association, you are joining a network of trusted professionals.

By joining our association, you'll gain access to a network of trusted members and can learn from their expertise. This membership will provide you with valuable opportunities to grow and expand your professional network within the industry. 

Looking to save money on your everyday expenses? Look no further than our local association! As a member, you'll have access to exclusive discounts and money-saving opportunities that can help you keep more money in your pocket. 

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More Reasons To Join

Ontario Home Builders' Association


The OHBA is committed to providing its members with professional and high-powered advocacy. The organization represents its members at meetings with Ministry officials, serves on provincial task forces, submits written briefs, and makes presentations at Standing Committee hearings at Queen's Park. The Association deals with a wide range of provincial government regulations and policies that affect members, their businesses and their customers—from codes and standards, to health and safety, infrastructure financing, the environment and consumer protection. 

The OHBA publishes an industry magazine and is here to keep you informed and up-to-date with the latest news, innovative products, and more. With six issues per year, you'll have plenty of opportunities to stay in the know. Best of all, membership grants you free access to all of our content.

Discover a range of exclusive discounts on Esso, NFP insurance, Blueprint Group benefits and more. 

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Canadian Home Builders' Association


At the national level, the CHBA represents and serves the entire membership from coast to coast.

CHBA is your voice in Ottawa on big issues that affect your business, your customers, and all Canadians.

As a member of the national Association representing one of Canada’s most economically important industries, you join 8,500 other member companies from coast to coast in having a strong voice in Ottawa. This ensures that CHBA can effectively fight for a business environment that gives your company the best chance to succeed and prosper.

CHBA makes sure the Prime Minister, Ministers, Members of Parliament and federal government officials know that our industry represents over $211 billion in economic activity and over 1.5 million jobs from coast to coast, in every community.

CHBA’s success can be seen in recent federal budgets through measures that help homeowners, home buyers, and work to keep the home building industry, which is so important to the entire economy, healthy and strong.  From taxation to employment insurance, mortgage rules to tax credits, labour market information to key housing statistics, research and development to codes and regulations, and so much more, CHBA actively advocates on the housing issues that affect our industry and all Canadians every day.

We speak out on the things that matter when it comes to federal government decisions affecting our industry, your company, your clients, and the entire economy. Working effectively at all three levels, and collaborating with other industry groups with common interests, gives us the strength to get results.

In addition to representing your interests to governments, CHBA provides you with national resources and leadership in many other important areas that can help your business succeed:

  • Exclusive specialized industry information through member-only e-publications like our opt-in daily Industry Highlights, plus a monthly publication on how the national level of CHBA is working for you, Net Zero news, and others.

  • CHBA's Building Excellence Magazine subscription

  • Technical solutions you need on issues like basement moisture, radon, venting, and more through our national Technical Research Committee made up of members, like you, from across the country;

  • Leadership in innovation through the Net Zero Energy Housing Council aimed at finding smart, affordable, marketable energy efficient solutions our members can deliver to customers successfully;

  • Ongoing, effective social media campaigns that focus on housing affordability so that federal, provincial and local governments “connect the dots" that link affordability with key issues like development taxes and housing supply;

  • Effective collaboration through our national Executive Officers Council, so we can help every local association build its capacity and share effective solutions to the business challenges members face locally.

  • Discounts and deals through the CHBA National Advantages program, and through our arrangement with NAHB to save members hundreds of dollars when they send employees to the International Builders Show in Las Vegas or Orlando.

From being your voice on the key business issues you face today, to providing solutions to your business and technical challenges, to contributing to strengthening your local Association, to providing you with dollar savings for your bottom line, CHBA is working at the national level to help your business succeed and prosper.

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