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Tarion is an independent, not-for-profit consumer protection organization established by the Ontario government to administer the province’s new home warranty program and ensure buyers of new homes receive the coverage they are entitled to under their builder’s warranty. 

About Tarion

In Ontario, the law mandates that all new homes built in Ontario come with a warranty from the builder. Tarion's primary role is to approve builders before they can build and/or sell new homes in Ontario and backstop the builder’s warranty. The new home warranty and protection program provides peace of mind and consumer confidence by providing a process for homeowners to make a warranty claim, helping resolve disputes between homeowners and builders, and managing the Guarantee Fund, a financial reserve that protects Ontario consumers.

What Tarion Does

  • Facilitate the resolution of disputes between vendors and homeowners and promote the resolution of claims as soon as reasonably possible

  • Resolving issues with homeowners if builders fail to fulfil their warranty obligations

  • Requiring new home builders and vendors to receive the necessary authorization from Tarion before building or selling a new home.

  • Provide the MyHome online portal for homeowners to manage their warranty and report defects and the BuilderLink portal for builders to submit Tarion applications and manage their warranty claims.

  • Assess warranty claims through on-site inspection or alternative method of investigation

  • Educate new home buyers & owners about their warranty rights and responsibilities

  • Manage a guarantee fund to protect new home buyers out of which compensation for warranty claims is paid.

Home Owner Information

Pre-possession, post-possession and general  information.

Information for Builders

Learn about the requirements for building and selling new homes, and what the warranty covers.

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